Sow Abundance...  Reap Significance!
 The Wealth Cycle

The Secret of Wealth recognizes the dynamic of the Wealth Cycle.

Obtaining true wealth and a deep sense of abundance is not about accumulating great riches. It begins with recognition that the most basic element of human existence — life itself — is a gift. No one obtains life because they “deserve it” or have “earned it.” No one can will himself or herself into existence.

Life is a gift.

Once we realize that, we can respond in a number of ways.

  • We can feel humility. (That word, “human” and “humus” — the organic matter in soil — all share the same root.)
  • We can express gratitude for the gift of life and all the opportunity that relies on life.
  • We can be moved to generosity, hoping to respond in kind to the generosity that underlies our existence.
  • We can feel a deep sense of abundance for life and all the blessings life offers us.
Wherever and however we begin to participate in the Wealth Cycle, the experience can become a perpetual endowment that leads to an ever greater sense of wealth and abundance.

Enjoy! Celebrate!