Sow Abundance...  Reap Significance!
 Our Principles is devoted to two central principles:
  • Generosity fosters abundance. (The Secret of Wealth)
  • When we sow abundance, we reap significance. (The Principle of Abundant Life)
Other principles we believe are important to abundant living include:
  • No matter how rich or poor we are, we will always be rich compared to some people ... and poor compared to others.
  • Wants quickly grow up to be needs.
  • If one’s purpose in life is to serve the self, life will be frustrating and ultimately futile because the self is insatiable.
  • Generosity is powerful medicine ... that tastes good.
  • Behavior changes attitudes.
  • Wealth is more about focus than money ... and focus is a choice.
  • Life is mostly — not entirely, but mostly — what we make of it.
  • No one ever gets ahead holding another person back.
  • There are as many right ways to do something as there are honest, competent people to do it.
  • Organizations are organic realities that require diversity and feedback to survive.