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Owen’s speaking topics

Dr. Owen Phelps is a highly-acclaimed speaker — and part of the reason is that every one of his speaking appearances is especially tailored to the audience he’s with.

If you engage Owen to speak to your organization or group, you are assured that he will present the core content of his important message — but also that he will tailor his presentation to fit the format of your gathering and the particular interests of the people who are attending.

As an experienced speaker and presenter, he is accustomed to holding an audience’s attention — no matter whether the engagement lasts three minutes or three days. (As a certified facilitator of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges’ Lead Like Jesus Encounter, he is accustomed to leading audiences through programs that last several days.)

Here are samples of topics he is prepared to speak on. But if you have any questions about how he can tailor his scholarship and experience to suit your needs, please inquire.

  • The Secret of Wealth — What it is and why it’s true.
  • Prudent Generosity is Powerful Generosity — How to make sure your giving does good and not harm.
  • Giving for Growth — You want your gifts to help people grow, not to make them more dependent. You can help your loved ones and others become more independent in the day ahead. Owen tells you how.
  • Nurture Yourself with Daily Bread — To do your best, you’ve got to make excellence become your second nature. And the best way to do that is to build into your life daily disciplines that feed your best self and develop your most cherished talents.
  • Better Living Through Better Giving — You can built better lives for yourself and others in need by following a few simple guidelines that make sure you and the people you want to help aren’t being cheated or short-changed.
  • How Generosity Builds Better Organizations — Research shows that generosity built into an organization’s culture helps assure better performance and a better ethical climate. How what we know today can improve your organization’s performance tomorrow.
  • Being Generous When the Going Gets Tough — No person or organization is immune from hard times. But when the going gets tough does generosity have to stop? Owen says it doesn’t — and it shouldn’t. And he offers a host of practical suggestions for how individuals and organizations can continue to foster their own abundance by being “practical generous” in good times and bad.

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